Manufacturers of electric cars have confirmed what we all could have guessed already: 35% of electric cars are sold in either LA or San Francisco and that number jumps up to 50% when the rest of California is included in the statistic. Culturally speaking, Californians are early adopters of new tech, and are very environmentaly conscious, so this comes as no surprise.

Some companies that sell EVs in the USA don't even both to sell them in other states. The Fiat 500E and Honda Fit EV are both California-only vehicles. 

When we were in Cali driving the decidedly environmentally-unfriendly Bentley Continental GT Speed Le Mans Edition, we saw at least one Tesla Model S per day. The real challenge isn't to make EVs commonplace on the West coast, but to figure out how to sell them to Midwesterners who are less likely to be environmentally conscious and more likely to have to drive long distances.

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[via Detroit News]