The NFL undoubtedly has some of the most resilient, muscular, and chiseled males roaming the states. But as athletically gifted and hard working they may be, there will aways be that fragile bone mass a few inches away from the hamstring—some of you may know this bone as the ankle.You can't put muscle on that, and unless you're on some unsafe calcium diet, it's always going to be a liability. Running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks know this, and they will exploit that ankle to either comedic or shocking effect.

What's one of the best ways to do so? The good ole juke. The twitch, step, or fake that leaves the defender sorely misdirected or crumbling to the ground in cartoonish fashion. You have your fans of the old fashioned Xs and Os, but we can pretty much agree a well executed juke is a beautiful thing. It's the tool that helped turn practitioners like Barry Sanders and Walter Payton into legends and give today's stars a quick route to the highlight reel. The juke has been in use for decades, but we've colllected the 25 Most Badass Juke Moves in NFL HIstory in GIFs here. A moment of silence for all the ankles lost.

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