Hey, have you heard about this Robert Griffin III guy? Apparently, he suffered a devastating knee injury during the 2013 NFL Playoffs and is working really, really, really hard to get himself back onto the football field in time for the 2013-14 NFL season. He's working so hard that Gatorade just teamed up with NFL Films to put together a documentary called RGIII: The Will to Win that is going to premiere on ESPN next Tuesday night. And they even got Wale to record a song called "No Pain No Game" for it!

It should be great. Especially since, you know, ESPN hasn't given this RGIII guy much coverage during the offseason. We're really looking forward to hearing about his story for the first time ever. Hopefully ESPN won't spoil it by talking about RGIII a lot between now and Tuesday.

*turns on First Take* Errr…okay. So much for that! But hey, at least the Wale song is new, right?!

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[via Deadspin]