Who you do have for the huge bout between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez? If you're a betting person, it's hard to go against Mayweather, who edges out Canelo (42-0-1) with a 44-0 record. However, Oscar De La Hoya sees the outcome very differently. De La Hoya believes Alvarez will not only win, but he would be surprised if he didn't beat Money by knockout. 

“Canelo is so calm and mature. Nothing gets to him. He is focused. I tell him to stay focused. And keep pumping your jab. That is the key. My world changed after I beat Chavez. Canelo is experiencing the glory and ahead of his time. If he doesn’t knock Floyd out in less than eight rounds, I will be very surprised.”

As a successful boxing promoter, we're not sure if this is De La Hoya trying to get us to tune in because, like many people, we're already counting down the days. Maybe Oscar is still harboring some ill will towards Mayweather after losing to him by split decision back in 2007. But that's neither here nor there. All we're concerned about is finding or even building a time machine that'll get us to September 14th already! 

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[via Boxing Scene]