Meet David Silverman, the person who wrote the tweet below (not the guy in the photo). He is the 47-year-old preisdent of an activist group called the American Atheists, and he recently applied in the state of New Jersey for a vanity plate that read, "ATHEIST." It's a request that's about as fitting as Drake having "STARTED" on his Bugatti or The Situation having "GTL" on his Lambo.

The problem for David is that, unlike these celebrities, he won't be able to express his beliefs, thanks to New Jersey rejecting his request because it was too offensive. Each state has various ways to determine what is allowed and what isn't allowed (and it's all opinion, when it comes down to it, but this seems a little unjust, and Silverman is going to make that heard. He's filed an appeal already. What do you guys think? Too far? Other states have allowed it, as evidenced by the photo above. 

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