The 1990s and early aughts gave us a host of spectacular competitive sports shows, the kind which we just don't see on TV anymore, with classics like Guts and Double Dare ruling the airwaves of afternoon television. Unequivocally, though, the best of any of these programs was MTV's original series, Rock N' Jock.

Originally focused solely on celebrity/athlete softball games, the show soon expanded its reach to football, basketball, and even bowling, pitting athletes and celebrities against one another that always produced some sort of highlight-worthy material. Everyone who was anyone in the day made a cameo on Rock N' Jock, but since its cancellation, the series has slipped somewhat from our collective cultural memory.

So to give you a refresher—and to just reminisce on all the great things of the era that we now miss—we put together Remembering MTV's Rock N' Jock Series. They had Carmen ElectraAaliyah, and even Marky Mark? How did we ever let this get cancelled?