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Sport: Football
Team: New England Patriots
Hateful lowlight: "Tebow Mania"

Some people resent Tim Tebow for his preaching, which isn't totally fair because Derrick Rose and Ray Lewis are comparably annoying bible thumpers and they both get a pass. He's also an absolute cornball, but his Jason Derulo-like cheese doesn't come close to warranting the Chris Brown-like vitriol he receives. Tebow's problem is one of overexposure. He's the Kim Kardashian of professional sports: void of talent and woefully uninteresting, but sort of pretty and intensely famous.

Tim Tebow saw less action than Steve Urkel last year and, somehow, received more attention than Pro Bowlers like Matt Schaub and Andrew Luck. Instead of discussing terminal brain injuries of retired football players, ESPN is content to slurp a guy who was Mark Sanchez's fucking backup. Naturally, that's going to annoy a lot people. Based God help us if Tom Brady goes down with a ruptured Achilles and Ryan Mallet throw three picks in his first start as a replacement.