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Sport: Basketball
Team: Miami Heat
Hateful lowlight: His pitiful Game 3 performance in this year's Finals: 16 points on 7 of 15 shooting to tip the series back to the Spurs 2-1.

Dwyane Wade is the second best player on the most hated team in basketball, and he also happens to be the guy who lured LeBron and Bosh to South Beach. When all of the gloating and expectations of the Heat aren't met on a daily basis, a lot of the blame falls on Wade's shoulders, as his performances over the past year have dipped due to nagging injuries. During the 2013 Playoffs, it seemed as if the old Wade was gone and never coming back. He averaged 15.9 points for the postseason; a full 7.8 points below his career playoff average. "Flash" came back strong to drop 32 on the Spurs in a pivotal Game 4 win, but the haters already had him six feet under by that point. And let us not forget the way he dresses and his cocky behavior.