Major League Baseball is finally stepping into the 21st century!

Although a final decision hasn't been reached just yet, the Associated Press is reporting that MLB is going to make several major changes to their current instant replay system that will likely go into effect next season. The biggest change? They're going to allow MLB managers to start challenging bad calls on the field and use instant replay to help clear them up. Specifically, the proposed system calls for managers to get two challenges to use in the first six innings of a game and one challenge to use after the seventh inning. All challenges would be reviewed by an umpiring crew at MLB headquarters in New York City.

Sounds good, right? Don't get too excited just yet, though. All of the MLB owners still have to vote on the new instant replay system at the owners' meetings in November to determine whether or not it will go into effect during the 2014 MLB season. But assuming that more than 75 percent of the owners vote for it—and there's a good chance that they will—we'll see a brand-new MLB instant replay system in place next year. Finally.

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[via Eye On Baseball]