Marcus Vick is trying to talk his way out of trouble again.

Last night, shortly after a video of Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper using the N-word leaked, Michael Vick's brother took to his Twitter account to offer $1,000 to any NFL strong safety or free safety willing to take Cooper out next season. He also sent out several other tweets about Cooper, called him a "peace of shit" twice, and asked, "Who want to play on a team with guys like that?"

However, a short time after those tweets were sent out, Michael Vick went on the record to say that he had already forgiven Cooper for his actions. He also said that he didn't agree with what his brother had said on Twitter and called for his brother to "not show a certain level of ignorance himself." And apparently, that message got back to Marcus. Er, sort of.

Late last night, Marcus deleted all of his tweets about Cooper. But he also claimed that he had been "hacked" in a since-deleted tweet and then revealed that his girl was going to delete his Twitter account once and for all:

As of right now, his account is still active. So we don't know if his girl just hasn't gotten around to clicking the "Deactivate my account" button or what. But he might want to seriously consider getting off social media for awhile. After what happened last night—and after what he's done on Twitter in the past—it's probably for the best.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]