Deion Sanders, Jr.—the son of Deion Sanders—is going to be a freshman at SMU this fall, where he'll play wide receiver for the Mustangs. And even though he hasn't played a single game for the team yet, he's already making his presence known around campus.

Back in the spring, he did it by throwing Versace sheets on the bed in his dorm room and having his father take a photo of them and throw it up on Twitter. And now, he's making noise on Twitter once again by throwing up a photo that features him and several of his SMU teammates hanging out with Lil Wayne late last week in Dallas during a stop on the "America's Most Wanted Tour."

He didn't stop there, either. In addition to snapping a shot with Weezy (sidebar: Lil Wayne couldn't have thrown on some clothes for the photo?!), Sanders, Jr. also tracked down Adrien Broner on the same night and snapped a shot with him as well. Peep it here:

Looks like little Deion is trying to make just as much noise off the field as he's hoping to make on it.

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[via Eye on College Football]

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