Kobe Bryant's retirement is slowly but surely approaching, which means we can all look forward to the possibility of Bryant becoming a coach. The recent Nike commercial set to air exclusively in China gave us a glance of this.

The commercial, which shows Kobe giving young players pointers as part of Nike Basketball’s Chinese tour, shows the Laker channeling his inner Dr. Seuss ("When your mind is thinking about doing something right, you lose focus on being precise) and bringing his intensity as the campers run through some drills.

It makes for a good viewing with Bryant seemingly pushing the kids to their limits. There's actually quite a few things interesting to pick up from watching it, as well:

  • Bryant isn't too fond of euphemisms. After one sequence, he said, "Let me tell you guys: That was awful." Sheesh, could you imagine if that comment was directed toward this guy? His life would be in shambles.
  • Sharp movements are a must in Camp Kobe: "All my moves are sharp. Boom, boom." Was this in the Kobe System manual?
  • "You guys have to think. You have to know why. Once you know why they happen, then you can control them to make them happen again...or not make them happen again." Kobe life lessons, folks.
  • If Kobe ever becomes a coach, expect a lot of crossed arms and stoic facial gestures. Either he's trying to look cool, or he really is that hard to impress.

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[via For The Win]