How adventurous are you? It's a simple question that often times comes with a complex, er, complicated answer. In the fifth instalment of the company's "Legends" platform entitled "Voyage," Heineken tested people's willingness to take on a challenge without knowing where they were going and what they were going to do in two ways.

First, there was the Departure Roulette initiative, which approached people at JFK Airport who already had places to go and people to see with one simple question: Would you drop everything to go to an entirely different destination without actually knowing where you're going to end up until you hit a button? Then, there's the Dropped mission, which took one person to another country they have never been before with a task to complete at the end. Do both sound crazy? Sound cool? Are you going to just go to the bachelor party already planned out? Or, are you going to phone mom to tell her that you're not going to be heading home? Where you stand probably determines how adventurous you actually are?

As for myself, on July 18, I had a little interesting adventure of our own. With only the promise of "pushing us outside of our comfort zone" through the use of land, sea and air travel, myself and four other members of the media were put on an hour-long helicopter ride only find ourselves in a black van with still no clue as to where we were headed. Then, out of nowhere, we met a hitchhiker who flipped all of our travel plans upside down. Soon after, we were in a boat with no land in sight and still no idea what was next on our journey. While our travels did present some "danger," it paled in comparison to the person we met along the way, William Englehardt, a photographer’s assistant based out of Brooklyn, N.Y. who was blindfolded and "dropped" in the middle of Morocco with a 2,000-pound ice cube that he needed to have with him at all times as he made his way across the desert. 

Presented in a three-part series on YouTube, we get to see what William went through while in Morocco. From his great personality to all the mishaps that happened along the way—you should know we're not going to give away everything—it made for some hilariously memorable moments and some must-see TV. So, don't waste another second and peep the first episode below.