As you already know by now, Greg Oden decided to join the Miami Heat last night. But, what you may not know is what went into the Heat convincing Oden to join their team. Believe it or not, it was a meet-up with head coach Erik Spoelstra at Chili's. We kid you not.

According to FOX Sports Florida’s Chris Tomasson, Oden had a good time talking with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra during a dinner meeting at Chili’s.

“He really liked talking with Erik at Chili’s,” Oden’s agent Mike Conley Sr. told Tomasson. “I think that played a major role. He just felt very comfortable with him.”

That's right, folks. A trip to LIV or a stroll down South Beach wasn't what did the trick. It was a conversation at a popular restaurant chain. Let that sink in for a second.   

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[via Larry Brown Sports]