If your mom had a Maserati and she decided to let you drive it, you would probably do everything in your power to make sure you took good care of it, right? Of course you would. Maseratis cost, like, 482 times what you made last year, so you would do whatever you could to keep it safe. After all, IT'S A MASERATI! And it deserves nothing but the best.

A 22-year-old from Chongqing, China did not subscribe to that theory recently, though. In fact, when her mom let her whip her Maserati, she did the exact opposite of "keep it safe." Instead, she parked it in the worst spot possible and left it right in the middle of the street for about an hour while she ran errands.

And why did she do that? Believe it or not, she did it because she thought that she could park "between the lines" like all of the other cars on the street. The only difference between her car and those other cars? They were between white lines near the curb, while she was between the yellow lines that run down the middle of the street. So she was given a warning by police and told to move the car.

Uhhhhhhh, mom? Something tells us your daughter might not be ready to drive the Maserati—or, hell, the Hyundai—just yet. Because if she doesn't know that YOU CAN'T PARK ON YELLOW LINES THAT ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE $^%*!*@ STREET, then what else doesn't she know about driving? Just saying.

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[via Jalopnik]