Let's just get it out of the way: this music is terrible, and there's no dialogue so now would be an ideal time to mute your computer/tablet/phone/telepathic-internet-relay. 

We've discussed much of the new Corvette's tech already, but this was something we mostly glossed over. The features of the new Corvette's digital dash, however, are fantastic. The driver can set it in one of three themes: touring, sport, and track. Tour is the most like most modern cars, with a tach, a speedometer, and the usual array of multimedia, navigation, and fuel economy information available; sport is designed to make the Stingray feel more like a classic sports car with a central tach that emits a red halo near the redline and a traction circle; and Track is inspired by the C6.R race car, with a hockey stick tach, lap times, shift lights, an acceleration timer, and tire temperatures.

All of the themes have an adjustable redline option which changes the displayed redline depending on the engine temperature.

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