If Alex Rodriguez is able to successfully appeal the 211-game suspension that Major League Baseball handed him earlier this month, he may be able to salvage what's left of his MLB career. But unfortunately for A-Rod, there's no way he's going to be able to salvage his appearance in an upcoming animated movie about the Yankees called Henry & Me.

According to the producers of the film, they're planning on completely removing Rodriguez from Henry & Me in the coming months, even though it will cost them "a fortune." Rodriguez—who lent his voice and his image to the project back in 2009 in exchange for a donation to charity—appears in 49 scenes in the film. But the producers don't want him in it anymore now that it appears he was connected to the Biogenesis clinic and may have been using performance-enhancing drugs in recent years.

"I love Alex Rodriguez," executive producer Ray Negron told the New York Post earlier today, "but I love kids more, and at the end of the day, we don't want to get caught up with everything that's happening right now. This is too important a message of what we're trying to relay to kids and we don't want to get caught up with that."

It may take up to six months to edit Rodriguez out of the film. But Negron and his fellow producers don't care. They want Rodriguez gone.

Ouch. Chalk that up as one more L that Rodriguez has taken this summer.

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[via New York Post]