Here's the thing: It looks like Red Sox's Ryan Dempster didn't even attempt to try to mask how he was trying to hit Alex Rodriguez with that pitch. He threw a few way inside and then finally tagged him. And get this: the Red Sox fans were cheering Dempster throughout the whole process.

Surpisingly, Joe Girardi confonted the umpire in a rage at what just happened, which is notable because of the Yankees' tension with Rodriguez. No one else left the Yankees dugout but Girardi, while the Red Sox's bench cleared out for some reason.

Despite Boston being the clear transgressors, Girardi was the only one who was ejected. The dude who was purposely trying to hit Rodriguez stayed in the game but Girardi got the boot. Major League Baseball ladies and gentlement.

UPDATE: Alex Rodriguez is some sort of supervillian. He hit a solo home run off Dempster to cut into Boston's two-run lead. 

Rodriguez clearly was enjoying the moment:

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[via Deadspin]