It's Alex Rodriguez against The World it seems. He's been accused of ratting out Ryan Braun, and a to-be-released movie is spending "a fortune"  just to get his likeness removed from it. He's not really the most likeable guy in the eyes of many sports fans either.

On the other hand, his lawyers and representatives think he's been wronged. There has been reports that they believe they've been conspiring to keep Rodriguez off the field. Now, in a more crazier claim, his new lawyer Joseph Tacopina is saying the Yankees actually ordered doctors to intentionally screw up Alex Rodriguez's surgery. 

Rodriguez apparently caught wind of the comments. Tacopina said they "sent chills down Alex’s spine."

That's not all. Tacopina also said that during the 2012 Playoffs, the Yankees hid an MRI showing Rodriguez's torn labium and allowed him to play. "They did things and acted in a way that is downright terrifying,” Tacopina said.

These claims are hard to prove, but the thought of that being even remotely true is scary. It was all good just four years ago.

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[via New York Times]