More bad news for Alex Rodriguez? More bad news for Alex Rodriguez.

According to a new 60 Minutes report, Rodriguez and his inner circle leaked information about Ryan Braun and his own Yankees teammate Francisco Cervelli back in February that helped connect both players to the Biogenesis clinic in Miami run by Anthony Bosch. When the Miami New Times originally published documents about Biogenesis in January that featured a bunch of handwritten notes by Bosch that named a handful of MLB players as his clients, neither Braun nor Cervelli was named. But that's because both of their names were redacted from the documents. However, their names were not redacted from documents that were given to Yahoo! Sports a short time later. And 60 Minutes has spoken with two sources who say that those documents were given to Yahoo! Sports by Rodriguez's camp.

Not surprisingly, Rodriguez's lawyer David Cornwell is already denying that Rodriguez or anyone in his camp leaked the documents naming Braun or Cervelli as Bosch clients. "The allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex—this time by driving a wedge between Alex and other players in the game," Cornwell said in a statement given to 60 Minutes. "While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continue."

So to recap: 60 Minutes says A-Rod leaked documents that helped get two of his fellow MLB players in trouble, but A-Rod says he didn't do it. And we have no idea who or what to believe anymore when it comes to A-Rod. There's no way he's this big of a douche, though. Er, right?!

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[via CBS News]