The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested in Houston early this morning. At 2:30 A.M., Peterson was charged with "resisting arrest/search unclassified" at Bayou Place, 534 Texas Ave. According to the paper, AP "remains in the city jail waiting to post, or be released on $1,000 bond." At the moment, no further details are available, but we'll be sure to keep you posted when more information is known.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Daniel Maher, the general manager of Live at Bayou Place, which is where the whole situation took place, is stating that Adrian Peterson was "very drunk and was a difficult customer all night." When the club was closing, Peterson attempted to order one last drink before leaving. When the bar refused to take AP's request, the Vikings star player "tried to intimidate the bartender" into selling it to him.

Over time, things started to get a little too heated and that's when Maher stepped in. Still, Peterson wouldn't calm down. Then, an off-duty cop tried to intervene and that's when it is believed that Peterson shoved him. Suddenly, AP took on a "fighting stance" and Maher says during his confrontation with the officer, Peterson "assumed a fight stance and looked 'like he meant business.'" Eventually, the officers subdued Peterson and arrested him for the aforementioned charge. 

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[via Houston Chronicle]