There are a million factors to consider when buying a car, from reliability to handling to power to safety to fuel economy, but it's silly to admit that style isn't a factor. A person's choice in cars says as much about his or her personality and taste as the choice in clothes. An adventurous person isn't going to be slapping down money for a Camry; said person is more likely to be excited about a 4Runner or GT-86 (to keep it in the Toyota family). That said, everybody's idea of "style" is completely different. We have our opinions, you have yours. For this list, we used a criteria of standing out without being brash or saying "EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME!"

Are there more than 10 stylish cars? Sure, but these are the ones that we'd associate with class. Here are our choices for cars that ooze style, sprezz, and even a bit of swag. They're The 10 Most Stylish Cars Available Right Now.