It seems some small company announces its new supercar that is going to be "the absolute bestest in the world" every week, and this week's announcement comes from defunct manufacturer Minerva. Minerva made cars with boring names like "Model C" back in the '80s before going under.

Now the company is back, and will be making a supercar called the J.M. Brabazon (A famous British aviation pioneer and racing driver), which is a great name for a person but a terrible name for a car. Minerva could have just as easily called it the Minerva Brabazon, which sounds much more like a car but it's too late for that now. It's not just the name that's weird though, it's that fact that if you squint a little, you can't tell the front from the back. Yes, it's almost an automotive design palindrome.

The company is at least promising some very impressive performance. It's going to be a hybrid with a twin-turbo V12, mounted in a carbon fiber chassic with carbon fiber bodywork. All this means that the car should beable to break 250 mph and have a power to weight ratio of 1:1. Not bad at all, if it ever happens.

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[via Minerva