Sports figure(s) involved: Colorado Football Program
Year: 1997

Recruiting among big-time programs in the NCAA can be, and often is, a pretty shady game. The worst, and most unfortunate example of this crooked behavior came out of the Colorado Buffaloes football program in the late '90s and early 2000s. During recruiting visits to the school, players from the team would take prospective recruits out to parties on campus, and in two particular incidents, the recruits were accused of raping women present at the parties. In fact, the women claimed that the recruits had been led to believe that sex was to be expected from them.

Probes conducted by the university later revealed that sex and alcohol played a major part in Colorado's recruiting tactics, with players and coaches going so far as to enlist escort services and strippers to help show players a good time. Following poor results on the field, and pressure from the office of the Colorado governor, the athletic department had no trouble forcing head coach Gary Barnett out in 2005.