Changing your own oil is one thing, but this is the type of rider who not only rebuilds their own forks -- these riders rebuild their own engines (when necessary), too. This type of rider might or might not overlap with one or more of the other types of riders on this list. Some riders consider their AAA card, credit card, and cell phone to be their emergency roadside repair kit. This type of rider carries the coolest miniature toolkit you've ever seen, crammed into the tiniest space possible on the bike. This rider is ready for almost anything -- tire blowouts, a gas tank leak, on-the-fly chain tension adjustments -- you name it. This is some serious MacGyver shit happening right here.

Don't be surprised if this rider has a dealer computer for his or her make of bike. You also shouldn't be surprised if this rider is either already a mechanic, becomes a mechanic, or becomes a custom bike builder. Extreme examples of this rider might ride wonderfully unique two-wheeled Frankenbikes with MV Agusta front ends, Ducati frames, and Honda Hawk GT 650 rims. If this rider doesn't already know how to weld, don't worry -- s/he'll learn.