Sports hold a tremendous power over this nation, and the spirit of competition has proven able to unite war-torn nations and provide distraction in times where it is mostly sorely needed. Sporting events are also places where we learn the most about the character of the athletes themselves; many prove that they are not just top-caliber performers in their chosen field, but also excellent human beings. Then again, some prove to be the complete opposite.

Whether it’s taking repeated cheap shots like Bill Romanowksi or physically ripping an appendage off of your opponent like Mike Tyson, the exploits of some of our top athletes make us simply shake our heads. It’s not just enough for them to go out and compete; these people instead also must violate the spirit of camaraderie the game itself provides. Throughout the annals of history there have been many recorded instances of terrible acts on the playing field or court, but these are the 50 Most Unsportsmanlike Acts in Sports History.

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