Normally when we talk about exotic, expensive materials being used in vehicles, it's carbon fiber or magnesium to reduce weight, but today it's gold. Turkish motorcycle maniac Tarhan Telli built this insane, Grecian myth-inspired bike on a gold frame, which is more than a bit nuts. It's adorned with a depiction of Medusa's head on the tank, and with serpents that wrap all the way around to the back of the bike. Oddly, despite the gold frame, the exterior has been specifically designed to avoid shine, which makes the bike look like an ancient relic. 

The logic of this eludes us, as gold is soft and heavy, which is terrible for structural elements, but has a lustre that imparts its value. That said, the gold is mostly hidden which means that this bike just has a bad structure. The Greek theme and weathered styling is interesting though.

The creator wont say how much it cost to build, but values it at over $1 Million, and has submitted it to the Guiness Book of World Records.

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[via Motorcycle

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