Everyone knows (and complains) about how expensive New York is, but this is straight unthinkable. A Japanese couple were near the NBA Store in Midtown when they hailed a pedicab. After the tourists arrived to the Village 20 minutes later, the two were charged for $720. SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS. For a two-mile ride. Even worse, the couple were told the bill was $520 (still outrageous) and didn't see that they were charged an extra two hundred dollars until returning to Japan. 

For that money they could have bought nine Melo Swingman jerseys at the NBA Store. Or three hours in a pedicab with what should have the higest rate in the city: $4 per minute. Obviously, this couple is pissed. It was the first night of their trip to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, and "put a negative spin on their whole trip," according to a friend. The Department of Consumer Affairs is trying to find the rogue pedicab driver and is asking the courts to subpoena the company that handled the credit card transaction. Hopefully it works out. 

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[via New York Post