Nickname: The Destroyer
City: Harlem, N.Y.

Dropping out of school in the ninth grade, The Destroyer earned his namesake by taking apart college players, pros, and street legends at the Rucker. He once entered a game in the second half and dropped 50 on Dr. J. Yes, Julius Erving, the immortal with the 'fro. And the Doctor wasn't the only one that felt Hammond's wrath, The Destroyer dropped 40 or better every time he stepped on a court, setting a Rucker record by scoring 82 points in a game.

His reputation was so great, the Lakers took him in the fifth round of the 1971 Draft because Wilt Chamberlain told them to, but Hammond turned them down because he was too caught up in the drug game. That same year he got arrested for dealing drugs and was sentenced to 11 years. Many say that he was the greatest streetball player ever. He didn't miss from outside and was unstoppable in the lane. Stay away from drugs, kids.