We see lots of roundups of the world's fastest cars, but usually not by maker.There are fanboys out there who don't care about how quick the ZR-1 is, they want they fastest Kia ... okay, that might be a little far fetched, but you get the point. 

Because top speed is pretty much irrelevant anywhere but the Texas mile, we've decided to use quarter-mile times as our metric of choice for deciding what each manufacturer's speediest ride is, and yes, some of them are pretty damn slow. That said, the slowest car on this list is one of our favorites of recent years, so read on.

Disclaimer: Some of the manufacturers, like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and McLaren do have newer cars out, but the quarter-mile times have not been released. So, we're not putting in the P1, the LaFerrari, or the Wraith just based on speculation. 

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