Just imagine being able to travel, in a private, six person pod, from New York to Los Angeles in less than an hour, Or from San Francisco to LA in 30 minutes, or from New York to Beijing in only two hours? What's more, imagine doing so without polluting at all, while only experiencing a single G (similar to riding in a car), at a price lower than air travel, and getting to depart when you want to. This is what the hyperloop, a project that partially backed by Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk, promises.

Basically, passengers will load themselves into a bullet shaped pod that will be launched via a modified railgun into a vacuum tube (not unlike a drive through bank). The entire system will be solar powered, and will use some sort of energy recapture system when slowing down the pods. Testing is scheduled to begin this year, and the company behind the Hyperloop hopes to one day expand enough to build underwater tubes to Europe, Hawaii, and China.

If this all works out, the world will be a much better, and smaller, place.

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[via Inquisitr