DMX long ago entered what Bill Simmons calls "the Tyson Zone," where a celebrity's behavior has become so crazy that nothing they could do would surprise anyone. DMX doesn't know how to use Google? Sounds about right. DMX has a cave deep in the mountains where he goes to smoke rocks? Ok, that one isn't real. But you'd believe it, right?

Today's news is actually fairly lowkey, as far as DMX news goes. The rapper was arrested for drinking and driving (again) at 3 a.m. in South Carolina. An hour later he left the Greenville County Detention Center, probably to go home and reset his "days without an arrest" sign. Before today it would have read "162 days." Here's to seeing how long the next streak will last. 

UPDATE: XXL has received a statement from Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services, who says that DMX was not arrested. Apparently he was arrested and received a breathalizer test, but passed it "easily." 

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[via TMZ