We're all for keeping you car going for cheap. Can't afford to have your broken exhaust pipe welded right now? Put a beer can and some duct tape on that shit. No funds for fixing that huge tear in your seat upholstery? More duct tape. Broken window? Duct tape some plastic wrap over the hole. There's a pattern here: none of these fixes make the car significantly more difficult to control...and they all involve duct tape.

This guy broke both of those rules by doing who the hell knows what to his steering wheel, and replacing it with a vise grip, which coincidentally, also replaced his airbag with steel rod pointed directly at his brain. He was pulled over for driving on two flat tires, and arrested for the vise grip, driving without a license, driving uninsured, and driving under the influence. According to the police, he was also unsurprisingly involved in a hit and run accident. 

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[via Daily Mail