We like retro, replica, and reproduction cars, they take some of history's best designs, and often update them with fantastic modern technology, because cars like '36 Auburns are painfully slow by today's standards. That particular piece of gas-burning Americana isn't what we're discussing today, however; today the topic at hand is Classic Recreations' take on the legendary 1966 Shelby GT350, which the company is calling the GT350CR.

The GT350CR is rocking a 7.0L Ford Racing V8 that pumps out 545 horsepower which is supplemented by a dual tank nitrous injection system. Of course, being a GT350 homage it isn't just a drag racer either, the makers saw fit to equip it with power rack and pinion steering, coil-over suspension, a new five speed Tremec manual transmission, a top shelf sound system, Wilwood brakes, climate control (Note to everyone: never overlook this), and three piece wheels from HRE Performance. 

The result is a vehicle so cool that it wears an official Shelby serial number and is a part of the Shelby World Registry. If this is your new dream car you'll need to act fast with about $119,000 though, as the company only plans to make ten per year.

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[via Classic Recreations