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The San Antonio Spurs haven't been to the NBA Finals in six years and have yet to win back-to-back titles. But they're still a dynasty. The Miami Heat have made two consecutive Finals appearances, winning last year. Tonight Miami looks to send Indiana fishing and try their hand at becoming a dynasty. Whether the Spurs play the Heat or the Pacers, neither team will ever make this list. With two dynasties possibly meeting up in this year's Finals, we figure we take a look back at the teams that weren't supposed to play for a championship. There's the 2001 Philadelphia 76ers that took advantage of a weak Eastern Conference and got waxed by the Lakers in five games. You also have a couple teams like the '57 St. Louis Hawks and the '59 Minneapolis Lakers that reached the mountaintop despite being below .500. Check out the rest of the Worst Teams to Make the NBA Finals.

Written by Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456)