Maybe hiring NBA players for coaching positions shortly after they retire is becoming a thing. We saw it with Jason Kidd and his new head coaching job with the Brooklyn Nets, and we may see it again with the King of Techs himself, Rasheed Wallace. Detroit president Joe Dumars said there was a strong possibility Wallace will be the Pistons' new assistant coach.

Of course, Dumars is well aware of Wallace's infamous tendency to get technical fouls—he's the all-time leader in fact. The president said that he talked to the forward about that, saying "No one has ever doubted his IQ, his intelligence. You just can’t get ejected from the bench...Well, you can, but you can’t.”

Unlike the Pistons' misguided hype over Darko Milicic, Dumars' assessment of Wallace is pretty accurate. The man does know the game of basketball. Plus, it's imperative that someone teach these up-and-coming stars that the ball don't lie.

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[via Detroit News]