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The Pagani Zonda was nothing short of an amazing car, but after the Huayra debuted we were told that there would be no more. There were a few special editions for people who had already ordered them, or people who just really, really wanted a Zonda, but then we were told that the era of the Zonda had completely come to a close, and there would never again be a new Zonda. Of course, just like coked out streetwalkers in rehab for the ninth time, "never" never means "never." 

And so we have the Pagani Zonda Revolucion. and it's incredible. Not only has the engine been beefed up to produce 800 horsepower, but the carbotanium chassis bring the weight down to a paltry 2,358 lbs, and a host of F1 style adjustable aerodynamic elements keep it nailed to the road at high speed. Pagani negleted to release performance specs, but with 800 hp in a car that's lighter than a Honda Fit, we know it's crazy-fast already.

We're in love, but sadly, we did not manage to find the requisite $2.9 Million underneath the seats in our cars.

PS: Yes, we do believe that Horacio Pagani is hanging out with Sasquatch in the fifth picture. 

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[via Pagani