What an eventful day it has been in regards to Aaron Hernandez. Early this morning, two police officers arrested Hernandez at his Massachusetts home and taken away in handcuffs. A couple hours later, the New England Patriots announced via Twitter that they were releasing the 23-year-old tight end. Then, early this afternoon, the judge dropped the anvil on Hernandez, charging him with first-degree murder and five firearm charges.

If it wasn't already evident that Hernandez's life had hit rock bottom, the Patriots and NFL may have delivered the final blow. If you take a look at the Hernandez's NFL page, his career stats have been wiped clean. The same goes for the Pats' Pro Shop which doesn't even acknowledge the existence of a "Aaron Hernandez." Peep a screengrab of both pages in the thumbs.  

All that in a matter of 14 hours. Wow.   

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[via Larry Brown Sports; Black Sports Online]