We know, we know: the Maserati has never suffered from a lack of luxury. But that didn't stop the Italian car manufacturer from trying to make its new Quattroporte even more impressive. Maserati collaborated with high-end speaker brand Bowers & Wilkins to create a top-notch sound system for the four-door sedan. A new loudspeaker and pair of headphones with Maserati design cues will also go on sale this year. 

The system features 15 speakers integrated with the interiors engineering in mind to create a rich sound in every seat. The person in the back won't have to ask the driver to turn the music up. We put it to the test during a demonstration and yeah, it sounds damn good. With your eyes closed, you'd think John Lennon were brought back to life to sit right inside the car and sing. 

To celebrate the partnership, the two companies launched the Seven Notes Tour, featuring music created with the sounds of the Quattroporte's engine. Producer Howie B, who's known for working with U2 and Bjork, confirmed that the engine makes seven distinct noises when running at different rpms. Without a precedent to go off of, Howie B first had to figure out how to record the engine. He ended up placing microphones inside the engine and behind the exhaust. Sounds finally in hand, he then recorded two ambient tracks. 

On Thursday the tour stopped in New York, where guests got to check out the music, the Quattroporte, and other products from Bowers & Wilkins. The tour's last stop will be in London June 17. 

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