See that handsome young old fellow up there? His name is Jeffrey Allen Jones. He's 56. And he is—as you might expect by looking at his mugshot—a little off.

How off? Well, he was arrested in Sacramento, Calif. recently after he allegedly threw a spear at a moving car. Police got a call on Tuesday night from a concerned citizen who saw Jones throw a spear at a car while standing on the side of a Sacramento road. And police arrested him a short time later on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after they found his spear lodged in the front fender of a car. He later took one of the craziest mugshots we've ever seen.

Real talk, we hope this man is okay. It's clear that he needs some sort of help, and we hope that he gets it. Otherwise, we don't think he's thrown his last spear at a moving car.

[via FOX News]