If you use the Internet regularly, then you've no doubt heard hundreds of cute cat stories by now. But we promise you that you've never heard one quite as cute as this.

Late last week, the tiny three-week-old kitten that you see here (see the thumbs gallery for a closer shot of it) climbed inside the engine compartment of a Honda Fit parked in Oregon. That part of the story isn't really a surprise, because cats always climb inside of cars. They like the warmth and shelter that cars provide. But what is surprising about this particular cat is that it then stayed inside the engine compartment of the Fit while it made a 1,000-mile trip to Santa Barbara, Calif. a short time later. And by the time the driver discovered the cat in the engine, it had managed to get itself stuck deep inside of it.

Tough luck for kitty, right? Wrong. Thanks to a local tow truck driver named Chuck Love and the founder of an animal rescue company named Julia Di Sieno, the kitten was saved from the engine. It was named "Love" after the rescue, taken to the vet, and eventually given a clean bill of health, save for a swollen eye that it sustained during the trip. And it will now be put up for adoption sometime soon.

So who wants it? We can promise you that you'll be getting one amazing kitten. Just make sure you keep it far, far away from your driveway.

[via New York Daily News]