We're not sure how winning a WWE Championship and the ability to perform kayfabe relates to political experience, but that hasn't stopped WWE stars from venturing into politics. Jesse Ventura served as Minnesota's governor from 1999-2003, while more recently Linda McMahon lost the Connecticut senate race twice.

Kane doesn't exactly come off as a people's person (in kayfabe anyway), but he's potentially next in line to venture into politics. The wrestler formally known as Glenn Jacobs has expressed interest in running for Tennessee's senate seat. 

Kane even has at least one endorsement: fellow Republican Ron Paul. One of his staffers detailed why:

Former Congressman Ron Paul and I have emailed back and forth on this topic quite a bit and he has told me repeatedly "keep telling Glenn we need him to do it. It's important, he's exactly the kind of candidate we need."

Once Glenn’s breadth of knowledge about economics and his ability to articulate that knowledge becomes widely known, he would be a very formidable challenger. Several of us are working on him daily trying to get him in to the race.

Can a wrestler that once said "I've set a couple of people on fire and abducted various co-workers" (in kayfabe) represent conservative voters? That's hard to envision, but how great would a 2016 Undertaker/Kane presidential campaign be?

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