The Brooklyn Nets had a decent season, but they ended it in weak fashion after losing to a Chicago Bulls team who wasn't even at full strength in the first round. They also went through two head coaches (PJ Carlesimo and Avery Johnson) and are in search of a third one.

Brian Shaw, who was notably snubbed for the vacant head coach position after Phil Jackson retired at Los Angeles, was Brooklyn's top target for the position. Now, the Nets have an extra option: Jason Kidd. The retired future hall of famer is talking with the Nets organization about possibly becoming its next head coach.

Kidd spent some of his best years with the Nets. The guard led them to two consecutive Finals appearances in 2002-03. Yeah, it was in the Eastern Conference's weak years and the Nets lost both times, but it was still an accomplishment.

The second place all-time career leader in assists and steals should definitely have a lot to teach Deron Williams and the squad. Lesson No. 1: How not to do a layup.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]