Although we strongly suggest riding with a good pair of over-the-ankle motorcycle boots (they help prevent your ankle from being broken or twisted in accidents, which is nice), you might want to go out wearing something else on your feet. Unless your bike has a heel-toe shifter (a big floorboard-looking thing that you upshift by pushing the front down with your toes and downshift by pushing the back down with your heel), you're going to scuff up whatever shoes you wear. Many motorcycle-specific boots have shifter pads on them that take all the damage, so the rest of your boot stays nice and scuff-free.

This is also one of the many reasons it's a bad idea to wear flip-flops or other sandals while riding a bike. Safety issues aside, it's going to hurt your foot every single time you shift. Who wants that? If you're going to wear normal shoes, wear shoes you don't care about scuffing or you're going to have a sad when you're done with your first ride.