You never want to think about going down. Sad fact is, even if it's just a minor tip-over, most riders will go down at some point in their riding career. (We know a lot of riders, and only one of them has ridden for years and never been down. Seriously.) You're more likely to go down when you're just starting out, since you don't know how to handle the bike yet.

There's a huge amount of armored gear to choose from to protect yourself if and when you do fall. Jeans will shred if you have a nasty fall, and you'll get some terrible (and painful) road rash. Some companies offer Kevlar-reinforced jeans, which are slightly better, but armored pants are better still because they'll protect your knees and hips. (Trust us, it's no fun to not be able to walk for any period of time because you were stupid.) If you're into motorcycle racing, you already know some of this stuff can look pretty cool, too. Both leather and textile protective gear is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your personal look.