Dwyane Wade just can't let his new nickname go. Even though LeBron James called it "corny" back in February, D-Wade is still trying to get people to call him "WoW"—which is short for "Way of Wade," Wade's signature Li-Ning sneaker. As you can see in the photo above—which comes to us courtesy of CJ Fogler—Wade wore a necklace with a "WoW" pendant on it after the Heat lost to the Spurs in Game 5 of the 2013 NBA Finals last night. And "WoW" is right.

"WoW" certainly isn't the worst nickname in sports history. But it's hardly the best. Plus, the only reason we've used Wade's name and the word "wow" in the same sentence recently is when we said, "Wow, isn't this guy supposed to be hurt?!? How did he drop 32 points then?" after Game 4 of the Finals. It's time to retire that chain, D-Wade. "WoW" just isn't going to happen...

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[via The Basketball Jones]