Alex Rodriguez reportedly had the opportunity to make the whole Biogenesis scandal go away recently. Shortly after Major League Baseball filed a lawsuit against Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, Bosch asked A-Rod to give him a few hundred thousand dollars to help cover his legal fees. But according to the New York Daily News, the Yankees third baseman balked at the offer, which is why Bosch was ultimately forced to cut a deal with MLB and cooperate with their investigation into his company.

"A-Rod refused to pay him what he wanted," a source told the NY Daily News. "Baseball was worried about that."

MLB was worried because they thought that, even though A-Rod turned down Bosch's request, there was probably another player out there who would pay Bosch what he wanted to keep him quiet. So they struck a deal with Bosch and will meet with him on Friday to talk more about the assistance he provided MLB players over the course of the last few years.

"They were afraid someone else would pay him," the source said. "Bosch is the only guy that can provide them with what they need."

So what do they need? It's unclear. But we're guessing that documented texts and emails between MLB players and Bosch, patient records, and other forms of hard evidence are what MLB is after right now. Without them, they won't have much of a case when they try to suspend players like A-Rod and Ryan Braun. But if they are able to get even some of that info from Bosch, A-Rod will be sorry that he didn't pay Bosch what he needed when he had the chance.

We'll continue to provide you with updates on the MLB/Anthony Bosch story as they become available. This doesn't sound like it's going to end well for players like A-Rod and Braun.

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