Does Major League Baseball have yet another scandal related to performance-enhancing drugs on its hands? It sure sounds like it. According to an extensive investigation done by ESPN's Outside the Lines, MLB is reportedly preparing to suspend about 20 MLB players who have had ties to Biogenesis—a Miami-based clinic that allegedly provided players with PEDs in the past.

Two of the players with ties to the clinic are Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, and MLB is reportedly going to seek huge suspensions for them. One source told ESPN that they may receive 100-game suspensions for their connections to Biogenesis since this is the second time they've been linked to PEDs. It's unclear whether or not those suspensions would stick. But according to the source, MLB is doing everything it can right now to make sure that they would.

Tony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis, has denied giving PEDs to MLB players. But he apparently just reached some sort of agreement with MLB and has agreed to cooperate with them. And if he did, in fact, strike a deal with the league, it could spell trouble for any players who were associated with him.

Stay tuned. We definitely haven't heard the end of this story.

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[via ESPN OTL]