SIGH. When we heard that Adam "Pacman" Jones did an interview with ESPN Radio yesterday to break down exactly what happened during the incident that led to him getting arrested for the 4,325th time recently, we thought, "Good. Now we'll finally get the story straight from Pacman." The only problem? Well, Pacman revealed, as we said, exactly what happened, right down to the disrespectful curse words he directed at the female who later accused him of slapping her.

During the ESPN Radio interview, Pacman was asked to recall what went down that night prior to the altercation he got into with the woman. And he provided this explanation, which forced the guy who was interviewing him to ask Pacman to watch his mouth.

"You see at the beginning of the video I goes over there to talk to the two young ladies who were sitting in the chair," he said. "And the two behind them wasn't even outside. When I went back over there and told them I ain't taking no pictures, the young lady in the black immediately got up and that's when I was approached by the young lady on the wall with the beer who was taking a picture. I was like, 'Hoe, where in the fuck did you come from?'"

Wait, did he…did he…DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?! He did. Then he continued, while choosing his words a little more carefully.

"She was like, 'Who the da-da-da you think you is?'" he said. "And I was like, 'Look, I don't want any problems, man. You look like you've had too many.' Before I could say that is when I got hit with the bottle. She swung and hit me with a bottle and it was just an instant reaction to slap her shoulder down."

DOUBLE SIGH. We're willing to give Pacman the benefit of the doubt and admit that the woman may have forced him to act in self-defense during the incident in question (watch a security video of the incident here for yourself). But if he wants the legal system to take him seriously, he needs to find a better way to tell his side of the story without using phrases like "Hoe, where in the fuck did you come from?" We can't believe that, after refusing to talk about the incident for about two weeks, that is the explanation he decided to provide for the world. And we can't imagine that his lawyer is too happy about it, either.

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