Earlier today, Adam "Pacman" Jones pleaded not guilty to the assault charge that was filed against him on Monday. However, it looks like he may have a long road ahead of him when it comes to clearing his name. That's because a 911 call that was placed by the woman who was allegedly assaulted by Pacman was released this afternoon. And, in it, the woman makes all sorts of allegations against the Bengals cornerback.

"I want him arrested," she tells a 911 operator. "It happened really fast. He was harassing my friends and saying derogatory things towards my friend and I stood up to him and he called me a bitch and punched me in the head."

Jones has already gone on the record to say that he acted in self-defense. And a security video released yesterday appears to confirm that he did react to something the woman said or did to him. But it's still not totally clear what happened, so this is likely going to turn into a he said, she said situation. And unfortunately, Jones' troubled past might hurt him in a court of law if and when that happens.

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[via Community Press & Recorder]